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Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Science Degrees

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Nutrition Science

The Nutrition Science emphasis is for students who are interested in studying the molecular and cellular aspects of human health and disease. This is a multi-disciplinary program in which students learn to apply techniques from the fields of molecular and cellular biology, physiology, genetics, and biochemistry to issues in nutrition. Students will gain experience in laboratory, clinical, and epidemiological methods, and may have the opportunity to gain laboratory research experience in nutrition studies being conducted by faculty members. The undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree qualifies a student with the Nutrition Science emphasis to find employment in industry or academic laboratories, as well as in government agencies. It can also be used as preparation for medical or graduate school.

The Nutrition Science option may also apply to students planning to pursue medical school, dental school, or another professional degree. The curriculum is based on undergraduate admission requirements for the University of Utah Medical School and meets most medical school admission requirements. Because nutrition is an applied science and offers research opportunities, completing the Nutrition emphasis may give students an advantage for admission to medical school, over applicants representing other science majors.

Degree Opportunities


Undergraduate in NDFS

A bachelor of science in Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences focuses on the scientific, economic, and social aspects of food production and consumption. Due to increased public awareness of the impact of food choices on short-term and long-term health, there is a greater demand for professionals in this field.

Any of the listed options at the top of this page are an emphasis within the Nutrition, Dietetics and Food sciences degree.

Additional NDFS Degree Information

Graduate Studies in NDFS

Considering graduate study in Nutrition, Dietetics or Food Sciences? Candidates for graduate study in the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Sciences need a background in chemistry, biochemistry, physics, mathematics, statistics, bacteriology and physiology. Prior coursework in food science or nutrition is desirable.

The NDFS department offers a doctoral degree in Nutrition & Food Science


For admission requirements to the graduate program in Nutrition, Dietetics or Food Sciences at Utah State University, visit the School of Graduate Studies.

  1. Students must attain Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores at the 40th percentile minimum on the Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing tests.
  2. Before acceptance into a PhD program, a student must have obtained an MS degree or have a manuscript reporting original research accepted for publication in a refereed journal.
  3. Before acceptance into the Department of Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences, potential MS and PhD graduate students must be accepted by a faculty member who is willing to add them to his or her research team

Once your graduate application is complete, the School of Graduate studies will notify the department that your documents are ready for review.