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Charles E. Carpenter

Charles E. Carpenter

Department Head
Dept: Food Sciences
Location:  NFS 212
Office Phone:  (435) 797-2103
Fax:  (435) 797-2379
8700 Old Main Hill
Logan, UT 84322-8700

Specialties: Muscle biochemistry and physiology, meat processing

Short Biography

Dr. Carpenter is Professor and Head of Nutrition and Food Sciences Department at Utah State University.   He originally came to USU in 1984 as a post doctoral research associate after receiving his PhD in Meat and Animal Sciences from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.  Three years later he was hired as Assistant Professor in the Nutrition and Food Science Department. He was promoted to Assistant Professor with tenure in 1993, and to Professor in 2003.  He has been department head since 2003. 

In addition to administrative responsibilities, Dr. Carpenter teaches Meat Technology and Processing, and for many years he also taught Food Analysis.  His courses closely integrate lecture and laboratory work to promote student learning, and his laboratory exercises are recognized for their innovative contribution to student learning. http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/cgi-bin/fulltext/119925433/PDFSTART

Dr. Carpenter's research interests are in the areas of muscle biochemistry as it influences fresh and processed meat quality and nutrition.  Special areas of focus include the relationships of muscle fiber types with muscle growth and meat quality,  and the biochemistry of the pigments that determine meat color.  His current research is targeted at elucidating the mechanism by which organic acids act to inhibit growth of microbial pathogens found on fresh and processed meats. ndfs.usu.edu/htm/research/carpenter