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Dairy Products Laboratory


Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences Dept.

Farm Manager

Don McMahon

The Gary H. Richardson Dairy Products Laboratory (DPL) provides learning and discovery opportunities that enhance undergraduate and graduate education in the NFS degree programs.  It facilitates engagement with the food industry, and reflects the department’s commitment to a safe and wholesome food supply through science and innovation.   The DPL is approved as a Grade A milk processing operation, and dairy food production occurs throughout the year.  Since the earliest era of Utah Agricultural College, dairy foods have been manufactured and sold on campus.  Sale of these products is a means of recovering part of the materials costs when students are learning about dairy processing, and of supporting the laboratory so that equipment can be kept up-to-date. 

The DPL is managed by a full time professional staff member so that the processing equipment and services can be available throughout the year for learning, discovery and engagement activities as needed.  Laboratory sessions of NFS 5030/6030 Dairy Technology and Processing are conducted in the DPL each fall semester.  A cheese making short course that uses the DPL is conducted through the Western Dairy Center during spring semester.  Research activities in the DPL vary in intensity and type based on the ongoing research programs of USU faculty and staff.  Pilot-plant trials occur throughout the year as a service to the food industry.