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NDFS Facilities

The C. Anthon Ernstrom Nutrition and Food Sciences building houses three federally inspected food processing facilities; the Meats Research Laboratory, the Animal Harvest Facility and the Gary H. Richardson Dairy Products Laboratory.  These processing facilities provide learning and discovery opportunities that enhance undergraduate and graduate education in the department’s degree programs.  They facilitate engagement with the food industry, and reflect the department’s commitment to a safe and wholesome food supply through science and innovation.  Each facility is self-sufficient for employees, operation and maintenance. The exceptions are the laboratory mangers that often directly participate in teaching and research, and thus have portions of their salaries paid from departmental teaching and research funds, respectively. Sources of income include product sales, and fees for services and rental fees paid by USU researchers and outside industry.  Several other department facilities are located just off the main campus incluing the Center for Human Nutrtion Studies, the Aggie Chocolate Factory, and the Aggie Fueling Station.