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Aggie Creamery Churns Up USU-Themed Flavors

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The Aggie Creamery offers 27 different ice cream flavors at any given time, but the Utah State University themed flavors are always the big stars of the creamery. Aggie fans travel from far and near to get their Aggie Blue Mint or Aggie Bull Tracks fix. Which leads some to ask who came up with the idea for the many USU-themed flavors?

Aggie Creamery Manager, Dave Irish said many flavors are based on trends, department and college requests and some student input. Most of the time they stem from someone contacting them with an idea for a flavor.

“Aggie Blue Mint, which is our number one flavor of ice cream, was a student idea,” Irish said. “We had a mint cookie ice cream. A student said why don’t you make it blue and call it Aggie Blue Mint.”

When the first batch of bluish grey mint ice cream came out of the freezing machine they were skeptical. However, the flavor was spot on and the ice cream flew off the shelves and out of the parlor. Aggie Blue Mint is now a permanent flavor for the creamery and makes up nearly 20% of their sales.

Aggie Bull Tracks is their spin on the traditional moose tracks flavor that has been trending in the industry for years.   

“It is our second most popular flavor,” Irish said. “Instead of putting full Reese’s in the ice cream we put broken pieces in chocolate ice cream instead of the vanilla. I don’t know who came up with the idea or when they started making it.”

The Reserve Officer Training Corps even has its own flavor that is made exclusively for them. The creamery doesn’t make Aggie ROTC often; however, when they do some of it is sold in the store because they have to fill large containers to get the system up and running before they can move to the cup dispenser.   

“The military is the second-oldest entity on campus,” Irish Said. “When they asked for their own flavor we said, ‘Sure.’ From there they did an internal contest and came up with raspberry swirl, Oreo pieces, toffee bits in chocolate flavored ice cream.”

Over the years many flavors and ideas have come and gone and others, like True Aggie Night, are seasonal.

Typically if someone approaches the creamery with a good idea, and there is time to test it out, they will. If it sells they keep it in rotation if it doesn’t they move on.

“We do a lot of small batches, if someone comes up with something we try it,” Irish said. “When we have the time. We’ve done a lot of stuff this year with new equipment, so we haven’t had the time to do new ice cream flavors.”

This year they have already produced 7,142 half-pints more than last year, which is 4,754 more half-pints than projected for all of 2016. The creamery has recently built a new freezer to accommodate the increase in ice cream production. That along with some other updates has slowed the process of innovating new flavors.

The Aggie Creamery is open to looking into new flavor options and following the industry trends especially since they have had a slight increase in space. Ice cream fans will have to keep an eye out for new and fresh flavors at the creamery in the future.


Writer: KailCee Harrison,
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