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NDFS Research

Undergraduate Research

Utah State has a strong tradition of promoting undergraduate research, and the NDFS department is not an exception. The undergraduate program at NDFS has grown exponentially during the last 5 years with more than 25 undergraduate researchers since 2002. Approximately 20% of these undergraduate researchers have received an Undergraduate Research & Creative Opportunities (URCO) grant from the VP of Research at USU.

The outcomes of the undergraduate research program in NDFS are overwhelming with a significant number of peer-reviewed publications, poster and oral presentation in regional, national, and international meetings. 

Undergraduate research helps to exercise common sense and independent thinking. Students also have the opportunity to find a practical application of the basic concepts they learn during their classes in college. In addition, students have access to specialized training in techniques and instrumentation that they will use during their professional career.

Undergraduate research will improve students’ laboratory skills, their capability of collect, analyze, interpret and present experimental results and also to contribute to the worldwide scientific knowledge. 

What do you need to do to get involved in the undergraduate program at NDFS?

  • Be interested in the areas of research in the Department
  • Contact a professor in the department that will be willing to accept you as a volunteer
  • Contact the VP for Research for funding opportunities for undergraduate researchers
Any student from USU can be part of the undergraduate program at NDFS. Majors from Biology, Engineering, Physics and NDFS are strongly encouraged to participate