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Silvana Martini

Dr. Martini’s laboratory studies the relationship between chemistry and structure of lipid systems and their measurable physical and sensory properties.

Understanding the mechanisms of crystallization of lipids and their effect on macroscopic and microscopic characteristics will help improve food quality to fight obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Through our basic research we provide tools to increase manufacturing throughput and enhance product quality creating new categories of food products with improved nutritional qualities.

Our research interests include ultrasonic technology, emulsion stability and lipid oxidation kinetics. The laboratory uses Materials Science concepts and technologies to characterize lipid systems. These techniques include x-ray diffraction, ultrasound, polarized light microscopy, differential scanning calorimetry, rheology, and sensory evaluation.

Dr. Martini is in charge of the sensory facilities at Utah State University. The facilities are equipped with modern software that enables rapid and accurate data analysis. Discrimination, descriptive and consumer tests are run in the Sensory Evaluation lab, which is available to the scientific and private community.

Contact Information:
NFS 326-327
Telephone: 435-797-8136