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NDFS Clubs

Student organizations in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Sciences are preparatory clubs focused on strengthening students' abilities and work experience for specific career opportunities. Students participate in skill building activities, socialize with students who share career interests, become involved with service projects and network with potential employers.

Dietetics Student Association The Dietetic Student Association provides an opportunity for anyone interested in nutrition to network with students and professionals while learning about jobs and internships, earning hours towards program and internship application requirements, and participating in fun nutrition-related activities. The association also provides leadership and service opportunities on campus and in the community.


Stacy Bevan

Mateja Savoie Roskos

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Dietetics Student Association The goal of the Food Science Club is to assist in the development of our students professionally, academically, and personally. This is done through participation in events associated with IFT (the professional Institute of Food Technologists) as well as competing in product development competitions and College Bowl. We also work to spread our knowledge of the food industry to the general public through extension work and club activities.


Jeta Kadamne