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Dietetic Internships

Food Science

NDFS 5250 Overview:

A student can register from 1 to 3 credits for this class and must be a junior.  These credits are to provide students an opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom and the laboratory in a real work situation.  The student must prepare an acceptable resume to send to food companies to obtain an interview for an internship. 

The student must complete the USU Cooperative Education Internship Agreement with his/her employer to receive a grade for the class.  The student is responsible for obtaining his/her own internship.  Contact with current food science students in classes or via the food science club is the easiest way to hear about internship possibilities.  Many companies email internship openings to USU and these are forwarded to the food science club, therefore, you may want to consider being on the food science club email list.  Also, many companies come to USU to interview students here for internships and jobs.

Learning objectives to be completed if applicable:

  1. Apply food science principles in practical situations
  2. Demonstrate commitment to professional ethics and integrity
  3. Work and interact with people of different cultures
  4. Demonstrate organizational skills (manages time effectively, can handle multiple tasks and pressures)
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